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Wind River Glaciers

Photographs and Writings

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Mammoth Glacier

Rephotography of Mammoth Glacier, based on Mark F. Meier's 1950 photographs. Reflection on the process of rephotography, of glaciology.

Knife Point Glacier

Knife Point Glacier, Wind River Range, WY, 8/2/20, Ed Sherline 1. Introduction. The horses of the Wind River Shoshone would not be able...

Harrower Glacier

Harrower Glacier, Wind River Range, WY, 8/1/2020, Ed Sherline Last updated: 6/23/22 The light is quickly closing in on golden hour, while...

So you want to see a Wind River glacier?

Dinwoody and Gooseneck Glaciers flanking Gannett Peak Last update: 6.21.22 As an introduction to the Winds, I want to provide suggestions...

About: Wind River Range

Last updated: 20 August, 2021 The land of glaciers past. The eastern escarpment of the north-central Wind River Range. From left to...


Gannett Glacier, the East Buttress and the Northeast face of Gannett Peak Last revised: June 15, 2021 This blog is animated by my love of...

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